Having a 24 Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor

Why do I need one?

Your blood pressure will vary throughout the day and night, particularly with activity and stress. Sometimes even visiting your doctor can make your blood pressure go up more than normal (white coat hypertension) and so our office measurements may not be the most accurate readings. As your average blood pressure over 24 hours is the best predictor of risk for things like heart attack, stroke and kidney disease, this 24 hour ABPM is considered the “gold standard” test. In order to know exactly how much and what time of day to give you your blood pressure tablets, we need to see this exact pattern over 24 hours – tailored medical care, just for you!

Your appointment

You will be asked to come to our Burwood rooms at your scheduled time on the day of your booking. At this time, you will meet Dr Roger Wydham who will measure and fit the blood pressure cuff to your arm. This initial consultation will take about 20 minutes and you will return the next day at the same time, to have the device taken off. In that 24 hour period, the device will automatically inflate the cuff every half an hour, including while you are asleep. When the cuff starts to inflate, it is best to stop moving and talking and keep the arm still and relaxed.

What to wear

A top with loose sleeves will be easiest to fit around your arm once the cuff is on. You will also need a firm waistband (like a belt) to attach the device.

What can I do when the cuff is on?

Please note that the device is not waterproof, so you will not be able to shower in the 24 hours you are wearing it. Ideally, you should continue with your normal daily activities, including a work day rather than a rest day. You should also take all your usual medications. You should avoid activities that may interfere with the device such as vigorous exercise. A brief diary is important to record timing of activities, sleep, taking of medicines, posture and symptoms (eg. dizziness) that may be related to BP.